Do you want to play a joke on your boss or co-worker?

Have a friend that can take a joke?

Need a unique gift?

We Can Help!

  • 100% Stinky
  • 100% Hilarious
  • 100% Awesome

How Bag of Farts Works

We ship a bag of farts that smell like the rear end of a hobo.

We aren’t exaggerating when we say these things STINK!

All shipments are 100% anonymous and are shipped the following day. If you would like to give the gift in person, ship it to yourself.

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10% of all profits are donated to the Salvation Army

About Us

It all started with a bean burrito and a dream. After years of "letting one rip" in elevators and around co-workers, I’ve found a way to deliver my epic fart experience to everyone. Bag of Farts are shipped anonymously from my artisan workshop in Fulshear, Texas. Whether as a gift or a prank, a Bag of Farts always brings a smile and a laugh to any situation.